Copeplas S.L. is a company with more than 20 years of experience  dedicated to the production of plastic & paper bags,  film  and many other products. 
Our firm reckons with 14 machines of last generation: cutting, printing, and winding machines.

We have 2 differentiated stores. One for the primary material: bobbins of plastic, inks, boxes...  and an other one for the finished product: plastic and paper bags, bobbins...








The  elaboration of the primary material has two origins. 

The virgin material is made beginning with plastic grains and colorings coming directly from the petroleum and chemistry companies. There is a process through hot temperature to get plastic bobbins with different colors, thickness, and sizes.

The recycled material comes from the remnant of the cutting machines, getting the same result.

After that, and if it is necessary, the bobbins start a printing process, depending of the bag it can be in a printing machine or in the same cutting machine. In this process we use ecological tints.
When the bobbin is already printed  , is ready to be used in cutting machines. Every machine is special to make a different kind of bag (rubbish bag, bow bag, perforated bag, plastic envelope, easy closing, etc..).  At the end, in the expeditions section, the product is packed in boxes or in plastic bags.
For its distribution we reckon with camions with elevating platform to deliver the merchandise perfect packed.